Arts of Selection and Creation

With the expertise and knowledge handed through fourteen generations, the Maison Plantevigne-Dubosquet possesses a unique and unsurpassed authority in the Selection and Creation of offerings targeted specifically at the more discerning palates of connoisseurs.

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Specialist expertise in the production of uniquely crafted Cognacs is complemented by long standing and privileged alliances with other families, likewise with many generations of involvement in the production of the most esteemed Grand Cru wines. Such combinations of interests and expertise allow Maison Plantevigne-Dubosquet to exercise an unrivalled sureness of touch in its selection of only the rarest and most exquisite creations.

The House is also allied with master glass makers, goldsmiths, artisan paper makers, prestige gift box designers and craft engravers all aimed at containing and diplaying its Wines and Eaux-de-vie in exceptional bottles. By insisting upon uncompromising standards in every aspect of production, the House acknowledges and pays tribute to the long-standing tradition to which it is the inheritor and of which it is the steward.

Of necessity, however, this also imposes severe limitations on the quantities of such rarities that it is able to offer. On the other hand, of course, scarcity is often the corollary of what is exquisite and sublime.